piatok 24. januára 2014

Tamara Anderson

Thank you CC creators and MartyP.
Clothes: Irida-sims, TheSims3, JS sims3
Poses: MartyP, Amis
Hair: Elexis, Zauma
Lipstick: Elexis

nedeľa 12. januára 2014

Sam Coorlee

Thank you CC creators and MartyP.


ClothesAnubispink dress ILikeMusic640- gold long dress, TheSims3- sleepwear, Modish-kitten- bodysuit and tights, TheSims3- brief,Serpentrogue- outfit
Make-upBurnt waffles- eyes, Elexis- lipstick 
Hair:  Skysims 
ShoesPixicat, TheSims3


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