sobota 28. júla 2018

Madelyn Curtis


If you want to look the sim as it looks like in the pictures, you have to download every CC

Please do not reupload my creations

My Expansions that I have installed:
- Get To Work
- Get Together 
- City living
- Cats and dogs
- Vampires

- No sliders were used

Thank you all CC creators and pose creators

- Eyebrows: -Download- 
- Eyes: -Download- 
- Eyelashes: -Download-
- Liner: -Download- 
- Lipstick: -Download- 
- Blush: -Download- 
- Skin: -Download- 
- Mouth Corners: -Download- 
- Teeth: -Download- 
- Hair1: -Download- 
- Hair2: -Download-  

- Everyday: 
CropTop: -Download- 
Shorts: -Download- 

- Formal:
Necklace: -Download-
Shoes: -Download-

- Party: 
Necklace: -Download- 
Short Dress: -Download-
Shoes: -Download-

- Swimwear: -Download-

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